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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to AP Punnami Tourism, your trusted partner in creating memorable travel experiences across India. Before proceeding with any bookings or services, please take a moment to read and understand our terms and conditions.

1. Booking Process:

All bookings are subject to availability.
To confirm a booking, a deposit or full payment may be required. Payment details will be provided during the booking process.
Booking requests can be made online, via email, or in person at our office.

2. Payment:

We accept payments through various modes such as Phone Pay, Google Pay, Paytm, bank transfers.
All prices are quoted in Indian Rupees (INR) unless specified otherwise.
Full payment must be made before the commencement of the tour, unless otherwise agreed upon.

3. Cancellation and Refunds:

Cancellation policies vary depending on the type of service and the supplier's terms. Please refer to specific cancellation policies for each service.
Refunds, if applicable, will be processed according to the cancellation policy and may involve deductions for administrative fees. Booking amount is non refundable.

4. Changes and Amendments:

Changes to travel dates, itinerary, or any other aspect of the booking may incur additional charges and are subject to availability.
We reserve the right to modify or substitute any part of the itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances.

5. Travel Documents:

It is the traveler's responsibility to ensure they have valid passports, visas, and other required travel documents.
We are not liable for any issues arising from incomplete or incorrect documentation.

6. Health and Insurance:

It is recommended that travelers have comprehensive travel insurance to cover medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and other unforeseen events.
Any pre-existing medical conditions must be disclosed at the time of booking.

7. Liability:

While we strive to provide accurate information, we are not responsible for any errors, omissions, or changes made by third-party suppliers.
We are not liable for any loss, injury, damage, or delay arising from acts of God, war, civil unrest, accidents, or any other factors beyond our control.

8. Code of Conduct:

Travelers are expected to adhere to local customs, laws, and regulations of the destinations visited.
We reserve the right to terminate the tour of any traveler who engages in behavior that disrupts the tour or poses a threat to others.

9. Privacy and Data:

Personal information collected during the booking process is used solely for travel-related purposes and is treated in accordance with our privacy policy.

10. Governing Law:

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of India and any disputes will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Rajahmundry courts. By making a booking with AP Punnami Tourism, you agree to comply with these terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

11. Restructions:

Unmarried Couples Not Allowed: Our establishment adheres to a policy of not allowing unmarried couples to share accommodations. Proof of valid marriage may be required during check-in. This policy is in place to align with our values and local regulations. We request your understanding and compliance with this policy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service.

in case of power cut/failure only Fans and Lights on Inverter/Generator Provided.
Life Jackets during boating will be provided by us and should be worn all the time
Following COVID guidelines, tourists should wear masks
Submission of valid government ID proof is a must (Aadhaar, Passport etc)
Booking amount is non refundable